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Mosques and Musallayat with correct Maharib

Know that many correct maharib still stand today in America despite the attempts of some to divert them using the influence of money and other means. A certain number of trustworthy Muslims informed us that every Imam who disagrees with them is fired and his salary is stopped. Moreover, one of those Imams told us that he knew the truth regarding al-Qiblah, however, he did not oppose the committee of the mosque out of fear of stopping his salary and benefits. Also we saw a number of people who prayed toward southeast but when they were around those stone-hearted people, they prayed northeast out of fear that they might be physically harmed. Also note that one shaykh among them was asked about the direction of al-Qiblah to which he replied that it was toward southeast. Among those present there were some of those stone-hearted people, who confronted him with mockery and harmful words that made him refrain from any further talk. Another was asked about al-Qiblah; he did not reply out of fear and turned and did not fear any blame. Despite that, the people who used to attend some of the musallayat, the maharib of which were diverted, have learned about the truth, and have corrected their direction toward southeast, thereby complying with the rest of the people of the truth among the Muslims.

Following is a list of the names of some of those mosques and musallayat spread in the different parts of North America that have correct direction:

1. Musalla Ahlis-Sunnah wal Jama^ah, Orange County, Ca
2. The Musalla of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects, Miami, Fl
3. Musalla Al-‘Islam, Hollywood, Fl
4. Musalla Pompano, Pompano, Fl
5. The Islamic Center, Atlanta, Ga
6. The Islamic Center, xxxxxx
7. The Islamic Center, Springfield, Ma
8. The Musalla of Ahlis-Sunnah wal Jama^ah, Philadelphia, Pa
9. The Islamic Center, Houston, Tx
10. Musalla al-Huda, Houston, Tx
11. The Musalla of al-Faruq, Montreal, Canada
12. The Musalla of al-Qayrawan, Montreal, Canada
13. Musalla Abi Bakr As-Siddiq, Montreal, Canada
14. Musalla Engoman, Jama^at Huffaz al-Qur’an, Toronto, Canada
15. Musalla of the Association of Islamic Charitable Project, Vancouver, Canada
16. Musalla of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in Ottawa, Canada
17. The Musalla of Ahlis-Sunnah wal Jama^ah, Calgary, Canada
18. Musalla Jamal-ud–Din Al afhgany Orange County, Ca

In conclusion, the Qur’an, the hadith, the doings of the Companions, and al-’ijma^ of the previous Muslims are against those who have diverted the maharib in Northern America. The entire texts written by the scholars show that al-Qiblah for those in the USA and Canada is southeast without any difference in opinion.

We advise you, Muslim brother, to adhere to the methodology of the Messenger of Allah, his honorable Companions, his pure family member, and the guided scholars of the nation of Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa salam, in every aspect of your matters. This leads to winning and success in this world and in the Hereafter. We ask Allah for you and us to keep us distant from refusing the truth, performing the worship to please the people, or deviating from what is correct. We ask Allah to make us steady along the path of the People of Truth, whether or not other people abide by it. Al-Fudayl Ibn ^Iyad was very truthful when he said: “Do not feel lonely while you are along the path of the people of truth because of how few are those who follow it and do not be tempted by the great numbers of those who will be losers in the Day of Judgment.”

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