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Mufti of Ukraine

Translation of the Response of the Mufti of Ukraine
Dr. Ahmad Tamim Ash-Shafi^iyy Ar-Rifa^iyy

Religious Administration
of the Muslims
of the Ukraine

SRLO 9026/93
4 Jamadul-‘Ula 1414H

Praise to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, the best Salat and Salam for Sayyidina and Mawlana Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, the Trustworthy and Truthful in his promises. Thereafter,

The Honorable President of the Association of Islamic Charitable Project in America,
Mr. Hajj Riad Nachef, may Allah protect him,

In reply to your written request of Fatwa that we received on the 16th of
Rabi^ al-Akhir 1414 AH, we advise you that the direction of the Qiblah for the praying person in the USA and Canada is toward southeast and he who prays toward northeast is facing to other than the Qiblah of the Muslims, and the prayer of he who prays toward other than the Qiblah is definitely invalid.

Moreover, we resent what we have heard about some groups who changed the direction of al-Qiblah relying on their delusions. May Allah guide them to the truth and soundness. Let them see the old Muslim cemeteries in North America like the one in Sacramento, California.

If you need details refer to Shuruh al-Minhaj. Praise be to Allah at the beginning and end. May Allah support you and strength you to spread the truth.

Written by the Mufti of Ukraine and President of the Religious Administration of the Muslims of Ukraine, Shaykh Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Tamim.

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